Authenticity In The Workplace

By: Roshawn Watson To your thyself be true. William Shakespeare Knowing yourself can be tricky. It requires personal discovery and growth. To do so, you may answer questions such as: “Who am I?” “What am I all about?” “What do I want on my obituary?” I’m convinced that we have the most rewarding work (and […]

Memorial Day Round Up

By: Roshawn Watson I just want to wish you a Happy Memorial day. Thanks to all who have given their lives for our freedom. I appreciate you for being an integral part of this site by tweeting, commenting, sending me emails, subscribing, including me in your round ups, advising, encouraging, and for all of the […]

Broke People – Stop Giving Me Financial Advice!

Dear Frugal Reader, We’ve all heard it before: admonishments from broke (or soon-to-be broke) people telling us how we should spend OUR money. How often have you heard some variation of the following:  “Don’t buy this kind of car; you should at least be driving that,” “You should live in this kind of house,” “Why […]

Is Money Real?

By: Roshawn Watson The other day I noticed “is money real?” scribbled in my notebook.  Many of us spend more waking hours at work, preparing for work, complaining about work, and commuting to and from work than enjoying our families and friends. My question is “to what end?” Consider that a generation ago, single-income households […]

Student Loan Debt Destroying Quality of Life

By: Roshawn Watson Many people go into debt trying to look rich, thinking that the debt affords them a better quality of life. Such sentiments are overly simplistic and somewhat shortsighted. I have made the case several times before: debt actually decreases quality of life. That’s because those who are indebted have less money to […]

Why Do The Rich Get Richer?

By: Roshawn Watson Have you ever wondered why the rich get richer? Such topics seem to touch a populist nerve. Some use the rich get richer as a basis for all that is wrong. After all, the golden rule is “he who has the gold makes the rules.” Personally, I believe the answer is complex […]

Your Money Personality: Tightwads or Spendthrift?

By: Roshawn Watson Were you clenching your wallet or purse strings straight from the crib? It is interesting how some people are characterized as being naturally gifted with money whereas others appear challenged from the beginning.  I always stress that most of personal finance is behavior; however, we often ignore what drives that behavior. Surprisingly, […]

Yakezie Carnival – Easter Edition

By: Roshawn Watson Yakezie is a network of personal finance and lifestyle bloggers who aim to encourage and support one another. Blogging can be a lonely journey, particularly when you are just starting out, so having friends makes the experience so much more rewarding. Today, I am honored to be hosting the Yakezie blog carnival.  Below […]

Your Financial Crisis Manual

By: Roshawn Watson Crisis is merely concentrated information. When you are facing a big financial problem, you can simultaneously feel lonely, irritated,  ineffective, and hopeless. Nonetheless, a devastating financial blow doesn’t mean that doors of abundance are forever shut. Men don’t drown by being underwater; they drown by staying underwater. You can come out of […]

Is it Better To Be Frugal or Earn More?

By: Roshawn Watson I’d like to live as a poor man with lots of money. – Pablo Picasso There are plenty of millionaires who attribute much of their wealth to frugality, but the fact remains the average income of millionaire households is approximately $350,000 (~5x the national average), so it is certainly not frugality alone […]

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