Do Americans Know What Poverty Is?

By: Roshawn Watson (special note at the end of post) Increasingly, I’ve become aware that the definitions of  “poverty” and “low income” have changed. Fortunately, long gone are the times during the Great Depression where the typical poor would get into bread lines for rations. During the Great Recession, it is a decidedly different portrait […]

What Makes You So Special?

By: Roshawn Watson We all like to believe that we are special. In fact, our own names are typically our favorite sounds. However, there are more reasons for being special than just the good feeling we get for being singled out. We live in a time where job security is not only an illusion, it […]

Uncommon Money News (Round Up): RIP Stephen Covey Edition

By: Roshawn Watson As many of you already know, beloved author of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey died earlier this week. He has been a tremendous influence on countless businesses and an undisputed thought-leader in personal development. He was a true change agent. I send my condolences to his family and […]

Are You A Financial Liar?

By: Roshawn Watson We often espouse honesty as an important societal virtue. We tend to agree that trust underscores our relationships, and lies erode that trust. The implications of lying extend beyond its effect on relationships though. Sometimes in the name of protecting ourselves, facts about our circumstances are conveniently distorted in order to make […]

Breaking Bad Financial Habits

By: Roshawn Watson How often do we find ourselves in the same financial ruts over and over? With the best of intentions, we proclaim that we’ll never be in these positions again. Unfortunately, while the precise circumstances change, for the most part, history repeats itself. Our financial lives consist of patterns. That likely won’t change. […]

The Price of Eliminating Failure

By: Roshawn Watson Do you like to lose? Me neither. That said, sitting out the game because of the possibility of a loss is not a good strategy either. Our experiences shape who we are. By eliminating the possibility of failure, we may be shielding ourselves from the very adversity critical to experiencing serendipitous success, […]

Stolen Life

By: Roshawn Watson Increasingly, retailers, movie studios, and home improvement chains have been whining about Generation Y. “Generation Y won’t go to the movies.” “Generation Y won’t buy our [overpriced] labels.” Generation Y “is to blame for our crappy sales.” Huh?!? First, the notion that  businesses feel entitled to the Millennials’ money is borderline comical. Calling […]

Uncommon Money News Round Up: “Alledgedly Fake” House Hunters Edition

By: Roshawn Watson Although I rarely catch an episode now,  my wife and I have watched countless episodes of HGTV’s House Hunters over the years. Now, I know reality TV is a misnomer, but for some reason, I didn’t think a show about families searching for their next home needed to be staged. Forgive my […]

The Art of Doing Less

By: Roshawn Watson One of the reasons that the rich get richer is because they are proficient in doing more and more with less and less. Their ability to extract the best out of their portfolios, businesses, and other assets, even in cases of limited capital, speaks to their mental leverage and ingenuity. I find […]

Trickle-Down Consumption: Do The Rich Cause The Non-Rich To Overspend?

By: Roshawn Watson Versace, Manolo Blahniks, Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choos, Tiffany’s, Bergdorf… oh my! We’ve been indoctrinated with a culture of excess. “Everything,” or at least everything “worth” talking about, is glamorous if you are to believe the ads on TV, a sampling of popular shows, and many of the songs on the radio. Even if […]

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